The tree nursery

Thanks to a good collaboration with some ten open ground growers the container trees at Tree Nursery ’t Kempke are chosen with care. This ensures a high quality of the tree.


Tree Nursery ’t Kempke uses a potting mixture, which features osmocote plus. This fertiliser provides the desired dosed nutrition for the first 9-12 months after potting, ensuring the product to also remain visually attractive in your garden centre or wholesale. In addition, the trees on the container field will also have the space to grow and they will be administered water completely computer-controlled. Thanks to this the trees will receive complete and careful attention.

Ready for sale

It’s not just the trees receive the proper care, ‘t Kempke is not just a supplier but also a service provider. Thanks to the collaboration with various growers, tree nursery ‘t Kempke offers a broad and innovative assortment. This assortment is made completely ready for sale. The trees are featured with modern labels with photos, plant information and - care. When they are delivered with own transport to you, they can possibly also be provided with presentation material. You can also turn to us for the complete pricing of your order, in this case every plant will feature a label with barcode, your selling price and your logo. Tree Nursery ’t Kempke always thinks along with you and is therefore gladly ‘your partner in green’.

Bring nature home

You do not have to go far in order to enjoy nature. If you transform your garden into a lush paradise with plants and trees then nature is very close indeed. Because if there is anything which radiates nature, then it is trees. That is why tree nursery ‘t Kempe brings out the best in every tree, so that everyone can optimally enjoy the natural surroundings near their own house. As tree nursery ‘t Kempe says: “Bring nature home”.

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