The assortment consists of no less than 150 types of trees focused on container cultivation, all of which is available in various formats. So if you prefer a large or small tree, a thick or thin trunk, spherical or flat, roof shape or espalier, Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke always cultivates and delivers the tree you desire. In addition, the range is supplemented with open ground avenue trees, planting stock, rock plants, conifers, shrubs, fruit plants, vines, ornamental grasses, groundcover plants, water plants and presentation materials. The complete assortment can be found below. Do you want more information? Do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Groundcover plants

    Groundcover plants are low-growing perennial plants. We have a good collaboration ...Read more

  • Planting stock & hedging plants

    Planting stock and hedging plants are often used as demarcation of a yard. We offe...Read more

  • Conifers

    Conifers are evergreen hedge plants in various types and sizes. We offer conifers ...Read more

  • Fruit

    Fruit trees are delivered to us in shrub, half tree and standard tree. These can b...Read more

  • Scrubbery

    Shrubbery comes in various forms, varying from groundcover plants to metre high bu...Read more

  • Creepers

    Creepers at Tree Nursery ’t Kempke ensure height and atmosphere in the garde...Read more

  • Avenue tree containers

    Avenue trees at Tree Nursery ’t Kempke are cultivated in containers. In tota...Read more

  • Avenue trees open ground

    Avenue trees in open ground have a broad and deep assortment selection, because we...Read more

  • Rock plants

    Rock plants at Tree Nursery ’t Kempke consist mostly of Sempervivum and Sedu...Read more

  • Ornamental grasses

    Ornamental grasses come in various colours, heights and shapes. Thanks to a good c...Read more

  • Topiary trees

    Topiary trees at Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke are available in two types, that is ...Read more

  • Water plants

    Water plants consists of various species, like floating plants, oxygen plants and ...Read more

  • Concepts

    Tree Nursery ’t Kempke offers useful concepts for garden centres, wholesaler...Read more

  • Presentation material

    Tree Nursery ’t Kempke also possesses presentation material in addition to a...Read more

Bring nature home

You do not have to go far in order to enjoy nature. If you transform your garden into a lush paradise with plants and trees then nature is very close indeed. Because if there is anything which radiates nature, then it is trees. That is why tree nursery ‘t Kempe brings out the best in every tree, so that everyone can optimally enjoy the natural surroundings near their own house. As tree nursery ‘t Kempe says: “Bring nature home”.

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